Multi-volume Set with Cursive Writing

This two-volume set has outer coverings consisting of a manuscript written in a cursive script, which was often used for business, court, and administrative documents. Volume 2 has a front cover consisting of two manuscript sheets. The sheets are facing in opposite directions, an example of the strictly utilitarian purpose of these recycled manuscripts. The readability of the text on the covers was not considered important.


Front cover of volume 2


Back cover of volume 2


Title page

Barbosa, Pedro. Petri Barbosae Lusitani in Supremo Portugalliae Senatus Consiliarii ... Venetiis : Apus Iuntas, MDCIX [1609]

The work contained within is a text on marriage law by Pedro Barbosa (1535?-1606), a Portuguese jurist who taught law at the University of Coimbra and held various judicial offices in Portugal.

Multi-volume Set with Cursive Writing