Endpaper in Caroline Minuscule Script

The endpapers of this small book are manuscript fragments written in Caroline minuscule. The front endpaper is still partially covered by a leaf of paper, but the back endpaper is clearly visible and is displayed below. Although only a small fragment of text can be seen, the words that can be fully seen appear to come from a homily by the Venerable Bede on the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ.


Back endpaper


Title page

Court, Benoît de. Enchiridion iuris vtriusque terminorum : aliquot terminis, & titulis auctum.  Lugduni sub scuto Coloniensi [Lyon, France]: Apud Ioannem Frellonium, 1547.

The book inside is a handbook of legal terms and phrases, published by Jean Frellon, a French printer based in Lyon. The printer’s device on the title page is distinctive, featuring a crab holding a butterfly.

Endpaper in Caroline Minuscule Script